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Ride Faster This Summer

When you want exhilarating speed and uncompromised performance, the road bike has no equal. Its quick handling and lightweight feel are characteristics that have been refined through more than 100 years of design and development with one goal in mind — to be the fastest bike on the road.

Woman riding road bike

Engineered Perfection

Road bikes are nimble machines built for efficiency to help you achieve your personal best. With the help of computer modeling, engineers tweak frame designs to create a bike that absorbs vibrations while remaining ultra-responsive to pedal input.

Group of people riding road bikes

Made From the Right Stuff

Carbon fiber is king of the road thanks to its immense tunability, but aluminum, titanium, and steel frame designs have also benefited from recent technological advances, giving you many excellent options to choose from when buying a new bike. Need help deciding? We're here to help you learn more and choose the road bike that is best for your cycling goals.

What’s New With Road Bikes

If it’s been a while since you last shopped for bikes, you’ll notice quite a bit has changed.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes provide more grip when rim brakes struggle — in rain, slush, and mud you’ll get safe stopping power when you need it most.

Carbon Forks

Carbon forks quiet road chatter while keeping the front end stiff and light so you can ride longer with increased comfort.

Electronic Shifting

Electronic shifting systems are computer-controlled to be responsive and exact so you get a flawless shift every time.

Internal Cable Routing

Internal cable routing keeps your bike looking neat and tidy while protecting shift and brake cables from road grime.

Tubeless Tires

Tubeless tires allow for lower tire pressure which gives you better traction and a smoother ride. No inner tube also means less overall weight.

Innovative Engineering

New engineering methods have created stronger frames while reducing weight and adding new features like in-frame shock dampeners.

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